Water is a necessary part of life. Up to 60% of the human body is water and we use water for our everyday lives. Yet water is something we take for granted. It is a luxury that we just assume will always be there for us. Even though water makes up about 71% of our earth most of it is either salty or locked in ice. So in reality we are actually relying on about 1% of earths water to sustain the planet. There is so much water around the world we assume it will always be available for us, but just because there is water doesn’t mean it is accessible for us to drink and use.
Texas has been experiencing heavy rainfalls lately. This past September went down as one of the wettest months on record. The fact that the Austin area had to be put on a boil notice is a direct effect of this. It is an example on why we need to conserve our water. As well as why we should be thankful we currently have such easy access to clean water. Because other towns, states, and countries aren’t as lucky. And we might not always have it this easy. So we need to be aware of the effect all this rain is having on us and how we can help conserve for the future.